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About Us


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For Joy Aviation Supply, the equation is simple. Bring together a team of highly-skilled, experienced people and arm them with the resources to provide world-class service.

Joy Aviation Supply + Industry-leading experience = World-class service

Joy Aviation Supply offers quality products with industry-leading service for the Aerospace, Military and Commercial Industries. Everything we do is based on one common goal: Service our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a strategic partner offering products and services that pioneer solutions for our customer while continuing to meet current stringent quality standards.

We stand out as a distributor that adheres to a zero-tolerance standard for counterfeit and non-certified parts. We have committed to delivering quality while exemplifying integrity, honesty, reliability, accountability and value in the delivery of component products and customized solutions. At Joy Aviation Supplies, we regularly exceed industry standards and set a new benchmark for operational excellence.

We go above and beyond for our partners, from stocking the parts we know they will need to creating custom kits containing the parts that each of their aircraft requires.

Operational excellence starts with Joy Aviation Supplies

When it came to choosing a new corporate headquarters, ensuring quality, security and maximizing space functionality and efficiencies were at the top of our list.

Our new location features:

  • Climate-controlled facility with over 200,000 line items of inventory
  • 24/7 Remotely-monitored video security surveillance
  • Our quality on-site inspection facility is staffed by certified Quality Inspectors, coupled with the latest counterfeit mitigation
  • A great location, located in Whiting , NJ, near all major Airports  makes for convenient daily pickups and deliveries by DHL, FedEx, UPS and other carriers
  • Located just a few miles from the Lakehurst Naval Base  & McGuire Air Force Base
  • Room for expansion to increase inventory levels for prospective inventory partners


Joy Aviation Supplies is ISO 9001-2008 compliant. We have been successfully audited by the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) and are approved on DCMA’s Alternate Release Program (ARP). The Alternate Release Program is provided to vendors with only the highest quality ratings. On ARP, our vendor’s products ship based upon our internal quality inspection and internal documentation process. This eliminates any possible delay of having a Government QAR do a secondary inspection of product in most cases (excluding critical safety items).  The end result is faster delivery of quality product and improved cash flow for our vendor partners.

Key Components / Control Points of Our  Quality System:

  • Management Commitment
  • Quality Manual
  • Level 1 Policy
  • Level 2 Guidelines for Process
  • Level 3 Work Instructions and Procedures
  • Level 4 Records and Forms
  • Quality Control of Purchased Materials and Services:
  • Approved Vendor List
  • Document control / Records control
  • Contract / Drawing Review (to appropriate revision level)
  • Receiving Inspection / Verification of Product:

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Whiting, NJ

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Joy Aviation Supply uses experience, technology, buying patterns and software models to deliver the best material options available in the world to the customer quickly, accurately and clearly.

Our role goes beyond that of a traditional aftermarket supplier. With our resourceful and experienced team of aftermarket parts and asset management specialists, we provide innovative services for our customers and partners including:

Custom kitting and supplies
Parts pooling agreements
Repair and trade-in services
Consignment deals on your overstock